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In 1938, Snyder’s Shoes opened the doors of our first location, which was located in the corner space of the Vogue Theatre building, in downtown Manistee. At the time, all of our shoes came from one single distribution company-the International Shoe Company. Present day, we have over 70 vendors to supply our many needs.

    Display Window in 1940  

During the ‘40’s, department stores and small businesses created colorful and elaborate window displays to mesmerizes shoppers …and Snyder’s was no exception.

We changed our window just 3 times a year {Spring, Fall & Winter}, where we highlighted our highest quality and fashion forward merchandise.


Bud liked to share and have fun with the community by hosting a number of store contests and grand prize giveaways.

Some of his favorites included guessing how many jelly beans and pennies could fill Robert Woodrow’s famous shoe and guessing the length of the rope to win a new pair of athletic shoes (as seen in this picture).


One sunny morning in late January, Snyder’s Shoes at 397 River Street (one of our current locations) was engulfed in flames and destroyed by fire.

As Jim Snyder, Bud’s son and second generation owner ran from the building, he thought quickly and kicked the door of the safe closed. Luckily in doing so, the safe and many store records were salvaged, along with a few fitting stools, which we are still using to this day.

    A Family Affair  

Snyder’s Shoes has always been a family affair, serving multi-generations of friends in our community and surrounding areas.

The Snyder Family has contributed to the continued growth of the business, now being under ownership of the third generation.

    A New Website is Launched  

Snyder's unveils their new website design. It is tailored to help customers find the shoes they need from anywere in the world!


The Team

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